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The Project For Global Madness


1. Dogma Of Attrition (prod. Nea)
2. The Writing Is In The Sky (prod. Nea)
3. Prayers On A Battlefield (prod. 7th Galaxy)
4. Ashes (prod. Nea)
5. Silhouette ft. Verbal Lexapro & The Mad Credo (prod. Verbal Lexapro & Paranormal)
6. Blood Streaks Of Stars & Stripes (prod. Nea)
7. Shine Eternal (prod. Verbal Lexapro & Paranormal)
8. Strong ft. Kimberly Pacent (prod. Kimberly Pacent)
9. Waiting For Dawn (prod. Nea)
10. Lucifer Lurks (prod. Verbal Lexapro)
11. Stigmata Palms (prod. Emphatic)
12. Last Stand Of The Freethinkers ft. De La Music & John Figz (prod. De La Music)
13. Flowers In The Wasteland (prod. Nea)
14. Adore ft. Nicole Pacent (prod. Verbal Lexapro & Paranormal)

The Project For Global Madness is the sophomore LP from Paranormal's discography as a solo artist. Described as a cinematic, dark yet beautiful, post punk Hip Hop record, this installment features a wide range of producers such as Nea, 7th Galaxy, Verbal Lexapro, Kimberly Pacent, Emphatic, De La Music and Paranormal himself. Featured artists include Verbal Lexapro, The Mad Credo, the late Kimberly Pacent, John Figz, De La Music and Nicole Pacent. The Project For Global Madness is dedicated to the loving memory of Kimberly Dawn Pacent. A Queen, fellow artist, and adored friend.